Cheap Gaming PC Under 500 LowCost Gaming Machines For Gamers On A Budget

For gamers on a budget, finding quality gaming PCs that don’t break the bank can be difficult. Fortunately, there are options available in the form of cheap gaming PCs under $500.

These low-cost machines provide enough power to run most games while still being affordable for those with limited budgets. This article will explain how these systems work, what components they contain and their performance levels when running popular video game titles.

It will also include recommendations for specific models so readers can make an informed decision when selecting a machine suitable for their needs and budget.

What Is A Cheap Gaming Pc?

Finding the right gaming PC can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With so many options and varying prices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when searching for an affordable yet powerful gaming PC.

A cheap gaming PC is one that offers gamers on a budget the ability to play games without breaking the bank. These PCs usually come with components that are lower-end than more expensive models, but still enough to provide enjoyable gaming experiences.

When it comes to budgeting tips, look at what specs you really need in order to have a great time gaming and focus your search around those needs. Gaming specs such as RAM, graphics cards, processor speeds, and cooling systems all factor into how much power you’ll need for certain types of games.

To find the best low-cost gaming machine for your specific needs requires careful consideration of all these factors while keeping an eye out for deals or sales that may make things even cheaper.

Now that we understand what constitutes a cheap gaming PC, let us explore what components are included in one.

What Components Are Included In A Low-Cost Gaming Pc?

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are an essential component of any gaming PC, and low-cost gaming PCs typically include GPUs with lower power requirements.

Random Access Memory (RAM) can also be an important factor in the gaming performance of a system, and low-cost gaming PCs typically include RAM below the recommended 8GB.

Storage is also a critical component of any gaming PC, and low-cost gaming PCs generally include smaller amounts of storage such as 256GB or 512GB.

Power supply units (PSUs) and motherboards are also necessary components, and low-cost gaming PCs typically include lower wattage PSUs and mid-range motherboards.


When building a low-cost gaming PC, one of the most important components to consider is the graphics processing unit (GPU). This component will determine how well your computer can handle games and other visuals.

When selecting a GPU for budget builds, it’s important to strike a balance between price and performance. There are several GPUs available from both AMD and Nvidia that offer excellent value for money. From entry-level offerings such as the GTX 1650 Super or RX 5500 XT to mid-range options like the RTX 2060 or RX 5600 XT, there’s something for everyone regardless of their budget.

While these cards won’t be able to run every game at maximum settings, they should still provide enough performance for casual gamers on tighter budgets. With careful selection and research into which card best suits your needs, you’ll be able to get great value out of even the cheapest gaming PCs.


The next important component to consider when building a low-cost gaming PC is RAM.

Random access memory (RAM) allows the processor to quickly access data and instructions stored in its memory, helping your computer run faster and smoother.

Faster RAM speeds can increase performance, so it’s worth looking into higher end models if you’re serious about gaming on a budget.

It’s also important to make sure that the RAM you select is compatible with your motherboard; not all motherboards support certain types of RAM or higher speeds.

When selecting your RAM, try to find one that offers both good value for money and adequate speed for your needs.

With careful selection and research, you should be able to get great performance out of even the cheapest gaming PCs without breaking the bank.

What Are The Performance Levels Of A Cheap Gaming Pc?

Cheap gaming PCs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer gamers on a budget the chance to get in on the action without breaking the bank. However, performance levels of these machines can vary greatly depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Generally speaking, when it comes to graphics quality and frame rates, cheap gaming PCs will not be able to match more expensive options. For example, if someone is looking for a machine that can handle AAA games at high settings with silky smooth frame rates, then they should expect to pay upwards of $1000 or more for components such as an Intel i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 GPU.

On the other hand, if someone’s goal is simply to achieve playable frame rates in less demanding titles like Dota 2 or League of Legends, then spending under $500 will still give them decent performance. Overall, what one gets out of their machine largely depends on personal preference and expectations regarding game performance.

A low-cost device may lack cutting-edge specs but it could still provide a worthwhile experience for those who prioritize cost over everything else. Moving forward, let us explore some potential benefits associated with buying a budget-friendly gaming PC.

What Are The Benefits Of A Low-Cost Gaming Machine?

The performance levels of a cheap gaming PC have come a long way in recent years. While these machines may not offer the same level of power and graphical fidelity as their more expensive counterparts, they still provide an excellent gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Cost efficiency is one of the primary benefits of investing in a low-cost gaming machine. Many budget friendly components are now available at prices lower than ever before, making it easier to piece together the perfect system for your needs without going over your budget.

From prebuilt desktops to custom builds, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a reliable yet affordable gaming rig. Prebuilt systems often require little assembly and can be up and running within minutes; whereas custom builds give you greater control over which parts make up your system. Whether you’re looking for maximum value or just want something that will last for years, there is likely a cost effective solution out there for you.

Another great benefit of investing in a low-cost gaming machine is its upgradability potential. As technology continues to progress and new components become available on the market, you can easily swap out outdated parts with newer ones to keep your setup relevant and powerful enough to handle modern titles. With any luck, this could even save you from having to replace expensive components every couple years – helping you get more mileage out of your investment while also saving money along the way.

Now that we’ve covered some key advantages associated with buying a cheap gaming PC, what should you look for when shopping around?

What Should You Look For When Buying A Cheap Gaming Pc?

Finding the perfect gaming PC on a budget can be quite an adventure. When searching for a machine that offers both performance and affordability, it’s important to know what features you should look out for. Here are some tips to help you find the best cheap gaming PCs under $500 while also keeping your budget in mind.

When shopping around for affordable gaming machines, consider the processor type first and foremost; this is vital when looking at budgeting options. Look for Intel Core i3 or Ryzen 3 processors as they offer great bang-for-buck value. Although these CPUs may not be able to handle demanding titles like The Witcher 3, they will still provide smooth gameplay with games like Rocket League and Fortnite at lower resolutions. Additionally, upgrade options are available down the line if you want more power from your system later on.

Graphics cards – often considered one of the most expensive components in a build – have come a long way in recent years and it’s possible to get decent models without breaking the bank too much. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 560 GPUs are good choices here, which allow gamers to enjoy AAA titles at 1080p resolution with medium settings enabled. These cards won’t struggle with high refresh rate displays either, so don’t worry about having any compatibility issues there either!

In short, finding a capable gaming PC under 500 dollars doesn’t have to be overwhelming task; just remember to take into account factors such as processor type, graphics card choice and upgrade options before making your purchase decision. With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be sure to end up with an optimal setup that meets all of your needs whilst remaining within your desired budget range!

What Are The Best Cheap Gaming Pcs Under $500?

When considering the best cheap gaming PCs under $500, components such as the processor, graphics card, and RAM are important to consider.

Performance is also an important factor when looking for a gaming PC, as this will determine the type of gaming experience you can expect from the machine.

To maximize performance on a budget, it is important to look for components that offer good value for the money, such as modern processors, mid-range graphics cards, and plenty of RAM.

Ultimately, finding a gaming PC that offers a balance between components and performance is key to getting the best gaming experience for your money.


When selecting components for a budget gaming PC build under $500, the processor selection is of utmost importance. Choosing the right CPU can determine which games will be able to run on the machine and how well they will perform.

Fortunately, there are several options available that provide good performance without breaking the bank. The AMD Ryzen 3 3300X is one of the most popular choices in this price range as it offers four cores and eight threads at up to 4GHz speeds.

For graphics cards, gamers will have to make some compromises if they want to stay within their budget constraints. However, there are still plenty of capable GPUs such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super or Radeon RX 570 that offer reasonable frame rates with modern titles when paired with an appropriate monitor. It’s also worth considering integrated solutions like Intel UHD Graphics 630 for those who don’t plan on playing any graphically intense games.

Ultimately, building a cheap gaming PC under $500 requires careful consideration of each component but with some research and patience, great results can be achieved.


Performance is one of the most important aspects to consider when building a gaming PC for under $500.

Many components are available that can provide adequate performance, but finding the right combination requires budgeting tips and price comparisons.

For example, pairing a good processor such as the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X with an appropriate graphics card like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super or Radeon RX 570 will ensure smooth gameplay on modern titles without breaking the bank.

Alternatively, those who don’t plan on playing graphically intensive games may look into integrated solutions like Intel UHD Graphics 630 which offer a cost-effective option for basic computing tasks.

Whichever route you choose, be sure to do your research and find what works best within your budget in order to maximize performance while staying within your spending limits.

How To Build Your Own Cheap Gaming Pc

Building a gaming PC doesn’t have to be expensive. With some cost saving tips and upgrade options, you can build your own quality budget machine for less than $500.

The key to building a cheap gaming PC is understanding what components are necessary for the best performance at the lowest price point. Start with a good case that has plenty of space for expansion and cooling. Cases vary in size, so make sure to select one appropriate for your needs.

Next, pick out an Intel or AMD processor that fits within your budget but still offers enough power for your favorite games. Memory is also important when choosing components for a gaming computer – look for 8GB RAM or higher if possible. Finally, choose a graphics card that delivers great visuals without breaking the bank; Nvidia’s GTX 1650 Super packs excellent performance at an affordable rate.

When it comes to storage, hard disk drives (HDDs) offer more capacity per dollar spent while solid state drives (SSDs) provide faster speeds and better reliability at a premium price tag. Consider combining both types of storage devices when assembling your system as this will give you ample capacity while achieving optimal performance.

Once all the pieces are selected, simply follow instructions from the manufacturer on how to assemble them into a functioning PC!

What Games Can You Play On A Cheap Gaming Pc?

When it comes to budget gaming, gamers have many options available to them. From hardware choices such as graphic cards and processors to software upgrades and optimization tricks, a cheap gaming PC can be tailored to fit any gamer’s needs.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a low-cost gaming machine:

  • Budget Friendly – A lower price tag means less financial strain on your wallet while still allowing you to enjoy all the same great games.

  • Hardware Choices – You don’t need an expensive gaming rig just to get the job done; instead, you can pick and choose what components you want for your setup without breaking the bank.

  • Optimization Tricks – With a few simple tweaks and optimizations, even older hardware can run new games surprisingly well.

  • Software Upgrades – By keeping up with updates for your operating system and other necessary programs, you can ensure that your computer is running at its peak performance level.

The advantages of having a low-cost gaming machine make it worth considering over more expensive alternatives. However, there may also be certain drawbacks or common problems associated with these machines — which we’ll explore next in this article.

What Are Some Common Problems With Cheap Gaming Pcs?

Cheap gaming PCs can be a great way for gamers to get into the hobby on a budget, but there are some common problems that come with them.

Price quality is perhaps the most prevalent issue associated with these machines as components and manufacturing costs have to be cut somewhere in order to meet the price point of 500 dollars or less. This can lead to parts being substandard in build quality and durability, meaning they may not last as long or perform at their peak levels for an extended period of time.

Thermal issues can also arise from such cost cutting measures. Cheaper builds may lack adequate cooling solutions or fans which could result in overheating when playing more graphically intensive games. Poor ventilation around ports and other hardware components is another factor that will contribute to overall heat buildup inside the PC chassis over time. If left unchecked this can cause permanent damage to internal components and even system crashes during heavy use scenarios.

In order to ensure maximum performance out of a cheap gaming PC it’s important to take preventative steps before using it heavily. Checking temperatures regularly while monitoring fan speeds is critical, along with ensuring proper airflow within the case itself by cleaning dust filters and maintaining good cable management practices. These types of proactive maintenance activities should help make sure your low-cost machine runs optimally for longer periods of time.

How To Maximize Performance With A Cheap Gaming Pc

Gaming on a budget is becoming increasingly popular, with more than 25 million people in the United States owning gaming PCs under $500. For those looking to maximize performance without breaking the bank, there are plenty of strategies available.

Budgeting tips and upgrade strategies can help gamers get the most out of their low-cost gaming machine. When considering upgrades for a cheap gaming PC, it’s important to look at both hardware and software components. Hardware upgrades such as additional RAM or an upgraded graphics card can provide improved performance when playing games, while upgrading your operating system may be necessary if you plan to play newer titles that require higher specifications.

Additionally, consider investing in peripherals like keyboards and mice that are designed for gaming which will increase response times during gameplay. It’s also wise to research online for discounts and sales on parts related to your build so that you don’t spend any extra money than needed.

Taking time to compare prices between retailers can be beneficial in order to find deals on computer components such as motherboards, processors, memory cards, video cards and other accessories required for building a custom gaming rig. With proper planning and research into different options available, gamers should be able to create a high-performance machine without going over their budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will A Cheap Gaming Pc Last?

The longevity of a cheap gaming PC depends on the cost efficiency and quality of the components used in its construction.

While it is not possible to give an exact lifespan for any particular machine, generally speaking a computer built with budget-oriented parts can still provide years of service if properly maintained.

The key factor here is that users should research each component carefully before purchasing, making sure they are aware of any potential issues or weaknesses that could impact the overall performance and durability of their system.

If done right, a low-cost gaming PC can still be expected to last several years while providing good value for money.

Are Cheap Gaming Pcs Reliable?

When it comes to gaming PCs, cost and reliability often seem to be inversely proportional.

However, with the right research and a little bit of luck, you can still find reliable cheap gaming PCs under 500 dollars.

Factors such as build quality and component selection are important considerations for assessing whether or not a PC is reliable; however, depending on your needs, the cost benefit could outweigh this concern if you only need your machine for light gaming.

Ultimately, when shopping around for inexpensive machines, do your due diligence and read reviews from trusted sources before making a purchase.

Are Pre-Built Or Custom-Built Cheap Gaming Pcs Better?

When it comes to budgeting tips for purchasing a gaming PC, there is often much debate over whether pre-built or custom-built PCs are better.

Pre-built machines tend to be more affordable and can be quickly acquired; however, the hardware selection on these models may not meet all of the needs of an avid gamer.

Custom builds allow users to customize their rig with higher quality components, but come at a premium price tag due to the cost of individual pieces needed for construction.

Ultimately, each consumer must weigh up their own personal requirements in order to decide which option best suits them.

Is Upgrading A Cheap Gaming Pc Recommended?

When considering the purchase of a gaming PC, many users may consider upgrading components to achieve better performance.

While it is possible to upgrade a cheap gaming PC, the price-performance ratio should be taken into account when making this decision.

Upgrading certain components such as the CPU or GPU could improve overall system performance but at an additional cost.

It is important to weigh these costs against the potential benefits and decide if upgrading a cheap gaming PC is recommended in order to get the most out of your investment.

What Are The Best Deals On Cheap Gaming Pcs?

Finding the best deals on cheap gaming PCs can be a challenge, as there are many options to choose from.

When searching for affordable components and processor choices, it is important to look at reviews and benchmark tests of various models in order to determine which ones provide the most value for your money.

Additionally, researching hardware manufacturers allows you to gain insight into what kind of quality parts are included in each system.

It is also possible to find good deals by comparing prices online across different retailers or even purchasing used systems that have been refurbished with up-to-date components.

By taking all these factors into consideration, gamers on a budget can ensure they get the best deal when shopping for their new gaming PC.


The truth of the matter is that a gaming PC does not need to be expensive in order for it to perform well. With careful research and comparison, gamers on a budget can find reliable machines that deliver quality performance at affordable prices.

Pre-built or custom-built computers both offer viable options depending on one’s individual needs. Investing in upgrades may also help extend the life of a low-cost gaming machine.

It may take some time before finding the best deals, but with the right approach, anyone can enjoy their favorite games without breaking the bank.